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Adjustable tweezer-style beaded nipple clamps with violet purple beads. Soft rubber tips. Adjust the clamps by sliding the metal rings up the tweezers from merely lovely decoration to pretty strong stimulation. These tweezer-style clamps allow both beginner and more experienced BDSM enthusiasts to enjoy nipple play and look hot at the same time! The rubber caps on the ends can be removed for more intense play, and the small sliding ring is used to adjust tension for the perfect fit. On the end, beautiful faceted faux gems dangle and sparkle, catching the light. Each movement causes the lightweight gems to sway gently, offering even more erotic sensation! Color: Silver, Purple. Type: Nipple Clamps. Style: Tweezer. Length: 4 inches overall. Special Features: Faux Gem Accent, Adjustable Fit. Spartacus A Passion for Quality Catalog page 5. New images added November 16, 2012. -old

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