Bundle – 2 items: Liberator Flip Ramp Black And Wet Safe Sex Kit with Platinum Silicone Lubricant

Bundle – 2 items: Liberator Flip Ramp Black

(as of 07/07/2015 at 10:34)

Product Description

Liberator Flip-Ramp can accommodate all sorts of interesting bottoms. As a rocking in.boom-box,in. it turns the simplest insertions into an electrified climax as it accentuates the motion of every thrust. The Flip-Ramp becomes an inclined ramp that offers good head without the sore neck. Follow with impromptu doggy and a myriad of other favorite positions, as this foam support encourages amazing sex and play. Offered in velvish, the Flip-Ramp is also disguised as a contemporary stylish ottoman that will surely become the best seat in the house. Velvish covers zip-off for easy machine washing.---And The Wet Safe Sex Kit Keep the Wet Safe Sec Kit in your purse and rest easy. 1 condom and 2 sample size packs of Wet Lube in a compact case for any unexpected night out! This kit puts safe sex at your finger tips.


  • Bundle of 2 items
  • Great to stock your shelfs
  • sex-toys

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