Cherry in Love Secret Anal and Intimate Brightening Cream to Correct Skin Tones and Blemishes in the Most Sensitive Intimate Skin Areas

Cherry in Love Secret Anal and Intimate

(as of 07/07/2015 at 10:31)

Product Description

Ideal for Vaginal, Anal, or Penile Areas!

Also helps get rid of spots, lighten Asian skin, or African or Mediterranean skin, acne spots, dark spots on face, under arms, etc.

Effectively brightens up to 3 tones brighter, professional but easy to use in the privacy of your own home.

Stay Safe: No Hydroquinone!

Suggested Use: 2x per day.
Apply on dry skin only.

Results are typically seen in 3-6 weeks.
Best results will be seen at 12 weeks.

Once skin has lightened, use may be cut back to 1 to 2 times per week.




  • Gently brightens anus and surrounding area.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, no Hydroquinone
  • Safe for all skin types, all skin colors, males and females
  • Effectively brightens to up to 3 tones brighter
  • Easy to use in the privacy of your own home

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