Classic Erotica Body Dew After Bath Oil with Pheromones, 8 oz

Classic Erotica Body Dew After Bath Oil with

(as of 07/07/2015 at 10:30)

Product Description

Spritz on Body Dew Oil to revitalize your body�s moisture after bathing or showering and nourish your skin all over. This carnation oil-based body spray and bath oil is a marvelous way to end a long day or start an erotic night. If you prefer a long luxurious soak, add a few drops of Body Dew oil to your bath and moisturize as you lounge.


  • Replenishes moisture and nourishes skin
  • Formulated with pheromones to enhance sex appeal
  • 8 ounce pump of classic erotica body dew after bath oil with pheromones

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