Esin.m Menagerie Vibrating Panty

Esin.m Menagerie Vibrating Panty

(as of 07/06/2015 at 23:08)

Product Description

Lose control...remotely. There you are, this public space, all these people around. You look across the table at the one person in the room that controls your ecstasy. They give you that smile, the one that says: you belong to me. Then intense vibration begins... The Menagerie Vibrating Panties are equipped with a removable vibro-box that is inserted inside the panty lining and operates via the far-reaching single mode controller. Discreetly powerful and ready to take you over. Measurements: Elastic Waist Band stretches from 24 to 34 inches around, Material: Vinyl, Elastic, ABS, Color: Black, Note: Includes 2 AAA batteries for Vibe and 1 23A 12V battery for Remote


  • Removable Vibro-Box
  • Remote Controlled
  • Thong back

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