Pleasure Works Sailor 1 Softskin Packer, Vanilla

Pleasure Works Sailor 1 Softskin Packer,

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Product Description

Pleasure Works Sailor 2 Softskin Packer. We are incredibly proud of our Sailor soft pack! This is a product created by demand. While not designed for penetration this packer is a must have product for many people in the trans community. This packing dildo is perfect for long-term wearing. Designed to fit comfortably in jockey shorts jock straps and packing straps. The Sailor offers a realistic look and feel for packing. The Sailor is perfect for locations that have a LGBTQ presence in their community. Additional customer selling points: Any sale for a Sailor is also a potential sale for any jockey shorts or packing straps you carry. Not designed for penetration. This is a latex-free product. Packing is the wearing of a dildo or packer under clothes. People pack as part of their gender expression in order to have sex engage in role play or for drag. Size 2: 5 x 1 3/8. Size 1: 4 x 1 3/8.


  • Beige
  • Great look
  • One Size Fits Most

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