Sweet Orange and Vanilla 2oz Organic Massage Oil -DELIGHT ME

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This fun blend is made to allow you to truly indulge in some aromatherapy to please your senses. This scent smells exactly like a creamsicle and will leave your mouth watering! Sweet Orange Oil- Wonderfully uplifting benefits for your mind, leaving you cheery and feeling pleasant. Vanilla Oil- A classic aphrodisiac, also aids as an antidepressant, & sedative. The scent can leave you feeling tranquil and relaxed. Massage is an ancient practice that can heal the mind and body, when applied with therapeutic oils the experience is heightened to create an enjoyable state of being and bring peace of mind to the experiencer. All of my oils are made with organic ingredients, as I believe simplicity & natural ingredients with what we are given to work with on earth is the healthiest and best options for our minds, bodies, & souls. I use cold pressed organic high quality carrier oils combined with Organic Aura Cacia essentials oils and Now essential oils. All of my bottles are BPA free. THIS BLEND IS MADE WITH: * Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Coconut Oil * Therapeutic Grade Sweet Orange Essential Oil * Therapeutic Grade Vanilla Essential Oil in jojoba oil PLEASE USE WITH CARE especially when pregnant, breastfeeding or on children. *Pictured is the 4 oz glass bottle option which includes charm* “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” -William Shakespeare

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